Irish Stew in a bread bowl

Flickr image by Cloned Milkmen

Some recent links of interest:

NewScientist reports on a study about what messages get retweeted.  Apparently it’s bad to use negative words, but good to use negative emoticons.  I’m sure there’s a comment on empathy in there somewhere.

Poynter has some suggestions on increasing the stickiness of transient news hits.

The .xxx domain rollout is hitting some rough spots?  Shocking.  I eagerly await the flood of $185k tld spam.

Mozilla is working on a BrowserID federated login system (though it has some issues).  Curious to see how this fits with the NSTIC plan.

Infographics are nice, but field notes have been beautiful for a very long time now.

Astroturfing is bad, m’kay?  Though, does it count as astroturfing if you own a newspaper?

Clay Shirky wants to avoid monoculture in the next phase of journalism, whatever that may be.

What if everybody who tweeted something that’s patently false got an instant reply telling them as much?

Google News badges:  Like FourSquare, but for the web.  For people who were afraid that Google didn’t have enough ways to track their clickstream, I guess.

CCP’s attempt to make more real money might devalue their fake money, causing the EVE community to revolt over $60 monocles.

Some tech changes cause pushback, while others are quickly accepted.  What’s the difference between them?

The Kinect is getting hacked for serious work.  I can attest to this, as I’ve seen it in person.

A computer finally learns to play CivII effectively, unlike the original AI.  It just had to RTFM.

Yes, you can do Isometric Text in CSS3.  You can even edit it live.  Javascript PaperBoy in 3…2…