Irish Stew in a bread bowl

Flickr image by Cloned Milkmen

GhostCoder is an audio steganography tool intent on using file sharing as a massive backup system, squirreling away important public domain data in music files.  I eagerly await somebody stuffing DeCSS into Purple Rain.

Mozilla is working on an Open Badge system to encourage self-directed online education.  I’ll have much more on this in a later post since it intersects with some ideas we’re playing with for the new ICD program at UMaine.

Google+ doesn’t allow pseudonyms.  Of course, neither does Facebook, but enforcement is, uh, lax.  Come on, even the federal government realized that this is a bad idea.

Edd Dumbill thinks Google+ is going to be a social backbone.  What could possibly go wrong?

Chosen is a javsacript plug-in that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It is currently available in both jQuery and Prototype flavors.  Says so right on the label.

It appears that we don’t remember things that we know are written down.  And on the Internet, everything is written down.

3D glasses are painful and damage your eyes.  I’ve already given up going to any movie that’s released only in 3D, now I have a medical justification to go with my aesthetic one.

Teleworkers are happier than people chained to a desk.  For some reason, this study appeared in the Journal of Applied Communication Research instead of the Journal of the Blindingly Obvious.

News flash:  pirates buy a lot of media.  The (roughly) 832nd report confirming this came out recently.

MTV thinks it knows how to market to the Millennial generation online.  Presumably, no actual music is involved.


Just in time to catch the disappearance of optical drives from laptops, Yanko Design has a concept for a mouse that turns into a CD.

Lion trick-of-the-moment: Use a web app without a browser.  There have been many, many other attempts at this…we’ll see.

Ars has a truly massive review of Lion up.  And since there is now a way to install it without an App store download, I might actually consider upgrading.

Yes, you can do games in HTML5 and Canvas.  Rob Hawkes will get you going.

Closed caption television -> Arduino -> Processing -> Word cloud.  This was inevitable, really.

Is Ashton Kutcher the Neo of the Twitter Matrix?

You can now hook your iDevice to your Arduino.  Or at least you could have, if you ordered fast enough.