The MFA is in

Last month was pretty much a full slate for me between the end of MoJo (seen below), the installation and defense of my MFA thesis (successful, more on that soon), and shipping off the review text of a book (thankfully covered mostly by my co-authors due to the other two).  Following those three events that all hit deadlines within a week of one another it was time for a break, so I took one.  Now, though, I’m back and things aren’t much slower than when I left.

The most immediate news is that Jon Ippolito and I are featured participants for “Mobility Shifts,” part of the iDC (Institute for Distributed Creativity) forum (New York, New York) September 2011, where we’re leading a discussion on the community underpinnings necessary to promote DIY learning.  The big question on our minds is whether and how DIY education can be enhanced by crowdsourced feedback.  Sources of information like Khan Academy or Open CourseWare may provide data, but they suffer from a lack of feedback and deeper contextual understanding.  If there are ways to generate evaluatory feedback without degrading into lectures or mobocracy that may help DIY students learn faster or gain a more thorough understanding of the subject at hand.

Many thanks to Trebor Scholz and Caroline Buck for inviting us to contribute to this discussion.

The contributions will be archived at